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Click the "Widescreen" "Hi Def" or "Standard" buttons above for the ebodies wallpaper.  Knowing your resolution is important for picking the right wallpaper for your monitor. The resolution numbers you're looking for are something like (1024x768, 1600x1200, 1920x1080, 1920x1200, 1366x768, etc.)


There are places on the web that can help you find your screen resolution if you don't know it.  Just Google "what is my screen resolution" and you will get several options.

Tiki Lei
Kukui Nut Hawaiian Lei Welcome to the World of E-Bodies Wallpaper

This site is dedicated to people that love cars and Digital Art.  We have no advertising on this site and there are no charges for anything. The E-Bodies Wallpapers on the site (above) are not signed or marked.   We also added cards on the column on the left.  They are Magic Girls cards and Car Girls cards.  These are just for fun too.



Computer Wallpaper

There are many ways to install wallpaper on your monitor.


If you are using Internet Explorer: click your screen size under the picture and the correct wallpaper will appear in your browser. Then, right-click on the picture and click “set as background”. That’s it. The picture is now your screen's wallpaper.


 If you are using Firefox: Right-click on the picture and click “Set as Desktop Background”. Then click "Set Desktop Background".


If your browser doesn’t allow you to use this trick, you can download the picture to your computer and use your operating system's process for making it your wallpaper.